Rida National Plastics Historic Recycling Contributions in  

Local Plastics Manufacturing and the Nigerian Economy.

1. Established in 1957, Rida National Plastics has 65 years of proven plastics manufacturing history in Nigeria.

2. Rida National Plastics have always been the first plastic company to pioneer various plastics manufacturing processes in Nigeria. We started PVC flooring manufacturing in 1967 by our Super Flex PVC floor tiles Brand. We were the first company to start injection moulding Chairs in 1977 and injection moulding Crates for beverage industries in 1979.

3. Rida National Plastics are the pioneers of plastic recycling in Nigeria starting plastics recycling in 1994. During the period of SFEM and the economic difficulties of the 1990’s that created foreign exchange shortages limiting the importation of raw materials. We sustained our PVC floor tiles production unit using waste PVC slippers as the core plastic raw material feed stock for production.

4. We have recycled and processed an estimated 38,000 tons of waste plastic PVC slippers (about 145 million scrap slippers) from 1994 to 2008 for our PVC flooring tiles production that was the only locally produced floor product available for the masses.

5. Between 1998 to 2008 we have recycled 80% of ALL the white lorry and car plastic battery cases in Nigeria into Chairs. We have processed 60% of all black plastic battery cases ever into our general use basins products. We continue to use all the do so daily.

5. Rida National Plastics has manufactured and sold over 30 million basins over time of various size heavy duty Plastic Basins which are life improvement products that have enormous positive impacts on the lives of tens of millions of Nigerians for water storage, for storage, food preparations, cleaning/washing and multiple other uses.

6. We sell our Finished Plastic Products to the Nigerian population at subsidised selling prices 40% lower than the price of Virgin Plastic Raw Material cost. Our Finished Plastic Products pricing (in weight) is N850 per kilo. Virgin Plastic Raw Material pricing is N1,250 per kilo.

7. Our waste plastic material collections supply chains depend on thousands of Nigerians; we created and laid the foundation that led to the current national plastics recycling activities providing a local raw material supply base of 30,000 tons per annum.

8. Rida National Plastics has been the absolute instrument in creating and sustaining the current Nigerian Local Plastics Recycling industry of 30,000 tons per annum which has directly saved CBN from N216 billion in foreign exchange for raw material imports over the last 10 years.

9. Recycling and producing 12,000 tons per year of waste plastic resin will save CBN N15 billion per year in FX imports. We will increase our operation by 100% to 24,000 tons by 2026 providing CBN a net FX import savings of N30billion Naira per annum.

10. What we start in waste PET bottle recycling today will manifest into a local content raw material base of over 100,000 tons per annum of waste bottles from other local manufactures, giving CBN net FX savings of N98 billion per annum by 2025.

CO2 Emission Savings

Converting 12,000 tons of waste plastic per annum will save 11,928 tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to taking 4,500 cars off the road for 1 full year.

Land Space Saving

Removing 15,000 tons of waste plastic out of the land fill each year will save 68,400 square meters of land, equivalent to 150 acres each year.