Africa’s first PVC Floor Tile manufacturer and largest injection moulder in West Africa. RIDA is recognized as the largest broad spectrum plastics manufactures, with key products across various market sectors such as furniture, a wide range of domestic products, water storage plastic tanks, plastic water pipes, electricity piping and conduits, flooring and various other specialty products.

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We believe in considering everything to be the leader in Plastics Manufacturing.
Everything you see here is what makes us

The RIDA BRAND is well known throughout Nigeria since the1960's and is synonymous with quality, integrity and strength. As a household name, three entire generations are familiar with our "made in Nigeria" products. Over 18 million of our chairs have been sold all over Nigeria and West Africa.

Rida National Plastics is a pioneer in the plastic recycling field since 1996. We recycle over 1000 tons of waste plastic material per month to produce quality post consumer goods. In this plastic production, we reprocess degenerated waste plastic materials, sourced from all over the country that we blend with Virgin content raw materials and produce excellent finished, thereby becoming a 'veritable agent' helping in the clean environment campaign. We are among the most environmental minded manufacturing organisations in Africa with possibly the cleanest carbon footprint.

  • Commercial Quality & Standards

  • +12,000 tons per year

  • BOD & +300 Employees

  • Seating +18M since 1960


Members of the Board of Directors.


Hysam has been at the pinnacle of the Company from its conception; a self-made industrialist who came to Nigeria in 1960 and is a naturalized citizen. He contributes to the BOD vast wealth of knowledge and experience from the Corporate world, both private and public.


Executive Vice Chairman
Zamy contributes key values to the BOD with his vast knowledge and +20 years experience in Industry and Manufacturing. He is a member of the Supervisory and Executive committees, and directs the BOD on areas of Operations, Sales and HR.


Executive Director
Mustafa contributes to the BOD his vast experience and background in Creative Arts and keen Strategist. He is a member of the Supervisory and Executive committees, and advises on areas of Branding, Corporate Strategy and Business Development.


Wassim contributes to the BOD his educational and experience from various private equity and startup investments. He is a member of the Supervisory and Executive committees, and advises on areas of Information Technology, Investments & Finance, and Corporate Strategy for the Company.

T. Akinyeye

Director & Secretary
Mr Akinyeye brings vast wealth of legal expertise and corporate law to the BOD and is member of the Supervisory and Executive Committee. He is also the Secretary of the Company.

Fatai Owodunni

Fatai is a member of the Supervisory and Executive committees, and directs the BOD on areas of Procurement, HR, and Public Relations.
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Expansion Programs

Rida National Plastics has put in place a systematic expansion program designed to cater for the local construction industry, while using locally sourced raw materials, with a recycled material content. Such lines within our planning are; extruded roofing sheets, roof gutters, ceiling profiles and wall cladding profiles.

We have equally embarked on product development for a new film extrusion division to create packaging solutions supply for our in-group Beverage and Pharmaceutical division.

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