November 22, 2022


Circular Economy from Waste Plastic

Our 12,000 ton per annum Waste Plastic Collection, Sorting, Recycling, Re-Processing and Manufacturing Plant positively contributes to the Nigerian Economy as follows:

  • Generates a Local Circular Economy worth N17.9 billion per year
  • Fills the void of missing national environmental infrastructure to create of 12,000 tons per annum of waste plastic pollution solutions
  • Provides wealth from plastic waste opportunities and job creation for thousands of Nigerians
  • Provides direct payments of N5.16 billion per year via Poverty Reduction Development ‘Waste to Wealth’ Process to thousands of Nigerians
  • Generates a direct and indirect employment of 600 workers, local content process costs and manufacturing costs with annual salaries payments of N5.32 billion.
  • Provides a local manufacturing base of 10,000 tons of Plastic Raw Material per annum.
  • Saves the Nigerian Economy of N12.5 billion Naira per annum in foreign exchange for importation of 10,000 tons of Virgin Plastic Raw materials.
  • The full value of the circular economy is retained in the Nigerian Economy
  • Positively contributes to the Nigerian GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
  • Provides a solution to reducing Waste Plastic Pollution
  • In line with the Extended producer Responsibility global practice
  • In line with the National Waste Plastic Policy
  • Creates full Spectrum Circularity and sustainability
  • Reduce global CO2 levels by 9,039 tons per year supporting the UN Paris Agreement on CO2 emission reductions.